Learn how to create wealth with an online business by sharing your creative passion on social media.

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Honestly ... what is masterclass all about?

Here’s the scoop … no fancy fluff or marketing jargon. My live event will teach you how to:

Create a Life of Freedom

If you’re like me, you want to live life on your terms. Creating an online business in affiliate or network marketing is one of the best ways to make that happen. Here’s what a life of freedom looks like:



As your own boss, you get to set your hours, choose how much to work … and have fun with all your new free time.

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Since you’re not managing inventory, all you need to work from anywhere in the world is an Internet connection.



Quit your job, get more time with loved ones, travel in style, buy cool stuff, and give back to the world.

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Photography, writing, dance, music, cooking, crafting … your business is a permission slip to share your passion with the world.

The Creative Entrepreneur Connundrum

The creative heart burns with a desire to share your passion with the world.

Meanwhile, the creative mind brainstorms new ways to make time for your passion.

“If only I could build a business around my creative passion,” we say to ourselves in a daydream.

Unfortunately, when that entrepreneurial dream comes true, it’s often a nightmare.

The quest for profit puts enormous pressure on your creative passion.

Instead of being fun, your creativity now bears the weight of having to pay bills and support your family. Eventually, you hang up your creative hat and go back to some job you hate just to make ends meet. I’ve seen this happen over and over again … and, I’m here to tell you that there is another way!


discover what's possible!

Learn a proven 3-step formula

used by thousands of creative entrepreneurs to grow a thriving online business

monetize your social media feed

As a Creative Entrepreneur, your photos and stories instantly stand out in a busy online crowd. When you share without a sales pitch, it brings people along on your life's journey. Then, when you do talk about your business, followers feel like they are supporting a friend.

automate your sales & marketing

The dream of passive income only comes true when you have systems in place. Automations. Sales Calls. Emails. Webinars. Trainings. Funnels. You can either create them yourself or choose a business that does it all for you.

promote ethical, high-profit products

Not all affiliate or network marketing companies are created equal. In my community, we recommend one with a proven track record of success, high ethical standards, and a commission structure that pays hundreds to thousands per sale or referral.

Success Stories

from my community of creative entrepreneurs

Brooke W. March


Brooke went from being $57k in debt to having a steady flow of income coming in … even when she took a 9-month break from our business.

Sabre Bruffy


Sabre was burned out from performing and selling her crafts at festivals just to make ends meet. Now, she gets to do that for fun while automations run her business in the backend.

Frank Galea


Frank and his wife have had enormous success doing this business together – both strengthing their relationship and their bank account.

Hi! I'm Greg Goodman

Photographic Storyteller • Traveler • Entrepreneur • Father • Husband • Truthsayer • Me

For 10 years, my wife and I traveled the world … and I shared our journey on my blog and social media.

Because I was following my heart and having FUN, success followed me at every step. National Geographic even filmed a TV show filmed about me!

However, when I tried turning my photographic passion into a full-time business, I failed miserably and hung up my dSLR for years.

Today, I run a web design agency from home. It should be perfect. I set my own hours and have no boss. 

Yet, I’m overworked, underpaid, chained to my desk, and always stressed. As it turns out … the dream life is actually a nightmare.

That’s why I’m so dedicated to this new way of doing business online. It’s how creative entrepreneurs like you and me can focus on the fun stuff while letting the money come from somewhere else. 

See you at the live event!

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