learn how to make money online as a creative entrepreneur

A thriving creative life means having the time, money, and freedom to focus on your passions.

Make Money Online with Social Media and Network Marketing

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Make Money Online with Social Media and Network Marketing

A thriving creative life is full of joy, excitement, focus, flow, determination, and freedom.

How does a creative entrepreneur make money online?

As a multi-passionate creator, choosing a single focus can be tough. That’s why most creative entrepreneurs have multiple businesses and income streams.

Sell your own products or services

Photography. Coaching. Art. eCourses. Web Design. Music. Crafting. Whatever your passion, you get to share it with the world while simultaneously earning an income.


  • You have complete creative control over every aspect of your business.


  • You have to manage every aspect of your business.
  • Monetizing your passion can take the fun out of it.

Do affiliate or network marketing

Earn commissions for recommending products you love. It’s like having your own franchise. Make money online by using someone else’s proven marketing, sales, and distribution systems while putting your own creative spin on promoting your offer.


  • Passive income is possible.
  • All you need is a cell phone and wifi to grow a thriving business.


  • You are vouching for someone else’s products or services.

Being creative isn’t just something you do. It’s how you live your life and interact with the world.

A thriving creative life is your birthright!

As Pablo Picasso famously said, “Every child is an artist. The problem is, how to remain an artist once we grow up.”

Being creative isn’t just something you do. It’s how you live your life and how you see the world.

Don’t confine your passion to an occasional hobby. Instead, use it as the centerpiece of your online business … even if your business directly related to your passion.

A thriving creative life cannot be constrained by an office or a 9-5 job.

The entire concept of working for someone else is counterintuitive. The creative inferno burning inside you is extinguished by every meanial task your boss hands down.

You dream of spending your days focusing on your passions. But, to make that happen, you need a steady secondary income stream.

To reduce stress, you may want to start building your online business while you still have the security of your “day job.” Then, figure out the financial tipping point so when the scale tips over, you can give your two weeks notice!

A thriving creative life is built around an authentic personal brand.

People don’t want to buy from some big faceless corporation. They want to support a friend. Someone they know, like, and trust. 

Sharing your creative passion on social media builds that connection. It transforms followers into friends. It helps you make money online.

An authentic personal brand is YOU in your truest self. 

A personal brand encompasses your past, present, and future — while authentically fusing your entrepreneurial and personal lives.



Learn how to start an online business so you have the time and freedom to do what you love.