Ready to finally do something with a lifetime of photos and memories?

Let a National Geographic Storyteller show you how to share your life's journey with friends, family, and followers.

This online course is for photography lovers who want to:

Give your photos a new lease on life

What happens to your photos after you make them?

Do you make prints and curate albums? Or, are you like most people today … sharing a few quick highlights on social media then relegating your precious memories to a cloud-based shoebox. 

Your photos deserve better! Each image represents a moment in time – a unique view of the world as seen through your lens. Why keep that all hidden away?

Let a National Geographic Storyteller show you how to fuse words and images to breathe new life into your photography and inspire others with your passion.

A journey awaits!

What is this course all about?

Share Your Life's Journey by Fusing Photos and Stories

A photo is worth 1,000 words, right?

It’s true, and …. zzzz …. sorry, I fell asleep there. Cliches do that to me. Even if a photo tells a million metaphoric words, that’s just part of the story.

Photos are powerful. Magical. Captivating. A single image can transport you to another world. Yet, they are just a part of the picture. 

Stories can stimulate your senses. They dance in your imagination and conduct a symphony of the mind.

To make magic, you will learn how to combine these two complimentary art forms. When you fuse a compelling written narrative with powerful photography, the world stops and takes notice.

Reach a wider audience with your photos

Do you yearn to share your passion with the world?

Perhaps you dream of selling prints or seeing your photos featured in publications, galleries, or the hallowed pages of National Geographic.

Or, maybe you just love photography and want to share your passion because it’s fun and brings joy to you and others.

Whatever dream ignites your creative spark, it only becomes a reality if people actually see your photos. 

To reach a wider audience, you need more likes, shares, and comments on your social media posts. Once you know the formula, it’s actually quite easy.

What you do next is up to you.

Breathe new life into your old adventures

Travel makes you feel alive and inspired.

When you travel, everything feels new. Exploring foreign streets. Experiencing Mother Nature’s beauty. Examining every small detail. Sampling a smorgasbord of exciting new foods. 

Meanwhile, the satisfying click of a camera chronicles your adventure on SD cards and rolls of film. In the moment, you are certain that these photos will live on forever. Yet, that’s not what happens.

When you return home, the memories begin to fade like old photographic prints. Timeless stories are shared around the dinner table and on social media … then, forgotten.

It’s time to change that narrative! Join me and ignite your love of travel in your own backyard.

Get lifetime access to 45 in-depth training videos.

Let a National Geographic Storyteller show you how to:

Make Better Photos

Upgrade your skills with easy composition and editing techniques so people say WOW!

Become a Storyteller

Bring people along on your life's journey with whimsical wordplay and soulful storytelling.

Stand Out on Social Media

Reach a wider audience with proven techniques to get more likes, comments, and shares.

Create a Magazine or Blog

Inspire future generations with your photos, stories, and life's journey.

Organize Your Photo Archives

Create order in the chaos and breathe new life into old adventures.


Hi! I'm Greg Goodman

For 10 years, my wife and I traveled the world.

It was a transformational decade of personal growth and unforgettable adventures, as I constantly catapulted myself out of my comfort zone.

At every step, I chronicled our experience on a travel blog. Photos. Videos. Stories. Smiles. Screams. An honest, in-depth look at the rollercoaster ride of travel and life.

My mantra was, “Follow your heart and success will follow you.” As it turns out, the Universe was watching. 

My Photographic Storytelling appeared in galleries, publications, ads, billboards, trade shows, and a National Geographic TV show about my career.

Today, Carrie and I have two kids and a home in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Extended backpacking expeditions have been replaced by local jaunts and family outings. Yet, the travel spirit lives on.

My art has appeared in:

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What do I get out of this course?

You will learn how to bring friends, family, and loved ones along on your life’s adventure – even if they can’t be by your side. How? By sharing your photos and stories on social media, a website, or in a printed book.

How much time does the course take?

It depends on you! The lessons are roughly one hour per section. As for the creative exercises, they are designed to be a natural compliment to your life.

Do I need a fancy camera?

No. Whatever camera you have is the perfect camera. It’s amazing what can be done with smartphone photos these days.

Do I need to be tech-savvy?

Not at all. You get to choose how far down the rabbit hole you go when it comes to editing, organizing, and creating a website or book.

What if I’m a private person?

Sharing your journey online is not a requirement. This course will empower you to do whatever you want with your Photographic Storytelling.

Can I go at my own pace?

Yes! The course modules are prerecorded videos and exercises. Some people go through the course in 3 days. Some take 3 months. It’s up to you.

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A Journey Awaits


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