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Improve your guest experience, make your property more luxurious, and create passive income with minimal effort on your part ...

You don't need a villa or castle to provide a world-class experience to your guests.

Take luxury to the next level in your rental.

Hottub. Fireplace. Pool. Chef’s Kitchen. High-end appliances. Sauna. Egupyian Cotton sheets. 3-ply toilet paper. These amenities are synonymous with luxury. But, what else is there? How do you differentiate your listing and keep a full calendar charging $1,000+ per night?

Imagine adding amenities that improve the health and life of your guests … just by them drinking water and taking a shower.

Keep reading to discover how a simple addition to your sink can turn your flat, polluted tap water into living, clean, healing water. Then, transform your standard shower into a hydrating spa experience with one small upgrade.

Your guests will love it. And, if they want the same life-changing water in their own home, you can earn thousands of dollars in passive income – just by providing a website link in your house binder.

Treat your guests to the best water in the world.

Like an alchemist transforms ordinary materials into gold, the Enagic K8 ionizer uses electrolysis to turn your ordinary tap water into the stuff of legend. 

Whether your guests are staying for a day or a week, here are 7 benefits they will get from drinking Kangen Water:

  1. Improved hydration at a cellular level, which helps flush out toxins from your body.
  2. Reduced acidity, which counteracts the effects of your guests’ food, drink, alcohol, and lifestyle choices.
  3. Removal of harmful free radicals through antioxidation, which supports overall cellular health.
  4. Easier digestion by optimizing the body’s pH levels to neutralize excess stomach acid.
  5. Enhanced energy and vitality, which is a natural byproduct of a more balanced internal system.
  6. Healthier skin is a natural byproduct of microcluster hydration.
  7. Lower environmental footprint by getting world-class water with no plastic bottle waste.

FAQs About Kangen Water in Your Rental

It’s all about differentiation and providing a bespoke guest experience. Imagine adding these words to your listing — “Luxurious water & spa.”

While every luxury rental is pushing to add a hot tub or fireplace, you can actually improve the lives of your guests. When you talk about that in your listing, it instantly makes it stand out more than the other lux rental your future guests are considering.

The science behind Kangen Water ionizer machines lies in electrolysis. The machines apply an electrical charge to your tap water, sending the charged water through an ion exchange system. This process mixes the positive and negative ions with the water, which helps break down molecules.

Here is an in-depth video by Dr Michael Donaldson covering exactly how the water works.

If you want more science, here are some articles and abstracts from the National Library of Medicine:

Below are a few testimonials. To read lots more, here’s a pdf created by the Truth in Advertising non-profit organization.

  • Within 48-hours after drinking the 9.5 pH Kangen water, my mouth sores were totally gone.
  • Since owning the unit, I feel more hydrated and resilient to strenuous activities. My recovery time from physical stress in and outside of the gym is cut almost in half. The alkaline water taste is clean and crisp. 
  • For the first 2 days I could feel a physical change in my own body. I feel more hydrated, my skin has improved, and I feel more balanced than I have in years.
  • Altitude sickness and headaches are gone! Energy to burn!
  • I dealt with arthritis pain in my knees and back every day of my life. After 3 months of drinking the water, I noticed that my joint and back pain was completely gone!

Think about what guests are likely eating and drinking while staying at your rental. They’re on vacation – which means they are probably taxing their bodies with a mix of unhealthy foods and alcohol. 

Kangen Water instantly reduces acidity and changes the stomach biome to better reduce acidity and counteract the effects of your guests’ intake.

Guests will also instantly feel more hydrated, as the higher pH starts working as soon as the water hits your tongue.

As a personal anecdote, when my mother comes to visit my family, she notices an instant change in her morning bathroom routine — going from needing 1+ hours to “go” at home … to finding instant bowel relief on her first day of drinking Kangen Water. 

First, the more luxury amenities you add to your listing, the more you can charge.

Second, the water ionizers (and all products) sold by Enagic exist in an affiliate/network marketing structure. That means you can earn hundreds to thousands of dollars if anyone buys a machine through you.

How you go about promoting the business-side of things is up to you. And, if you do decide that you want passive income, I am here to help you create a non-salesy marketing plan that provides the needed information to guests without them feeling like they are being sold to during their vacation.

Here is a chart of the commissions you can earn from selling one K8 ionizer. For a full breakdown of the Enagic compensation plan, read this article.

As taste is completely subjective, there is no finite answer to this. Personally, I prefer the taste of my tap water when it comes through my K8 ionizer.

Upon doing some research, I did find this testimonial, which I particularly resonate with:

Alkaline water from a water ionizer tastes just like natural artesian spring water-deeply refreshing and smooth, with a slightly sweeter and more satisfying taste than plain H2O. Wondering why this is? It all comes down to the healthy alkalinity and antioxidant potential of alkaline hydrate minerals. In other words, alkaline water tastes like artesian spring water because these two types of H20 have everything in common. So next time you’re feeling parched, reach for a refreshing glass of alkaline water and enjoy!

All Enagic Kangen Water ionizers have a filter to remove contaminants and minerals.

The filter does NOT remove chlorine or fluoride. For that, you can get a simple pre-filter. However, pre-filters also strip your water of essential life. Kangen Water ionizers put the “life” back into your water.

With pH levels ranging from 2.5 – 11.5, Kangen Water does so much more that simply provide hydration and health benefits to the body. The different pH levels can also:

  • Replace toxic cleaning products.
  • Removes pesticides, wax coatings, proteins and fats which cause bacterial growth and other harmful industrial chemicals attached to your raw food.
  • Enhances the taste of your food. Kangen Water is able to draw out the flavor of your food, making great tasting soup and gravy!
  • Beauty water has astringent properties and can be used as a facial wash, facial toner, and an excellent after-shave toner.
  • Replaces your hair conditioner after shampooing and reducing occurrence of tangles in your hair.
  • Sanitization – A strong disinfectant used in beauty salons, restaurants, pet shops, and nursing homes to sanitize equipment and hands.
  • Medical-Grade Water – Used in hundreds of hospitals in Japan. EPA-approved official disinfectant. Hypochlorous acid can be used to treat athletes foot and other skin disorders.

"Change Your Water - Change Your Life"

~ the Enagic motto

Turn your shower into a spa with no construction

The Kangen Anespa DX Home Spa attaches effortlessly to any shower — letting your guests relax in a continuous stream of ionized, mineral-rich water that is healthy for your skin and hair.

In addition to using an active charcoal filter to remove harmful substances like chlorine and bacteria from your tap water, the Anespa uses calcium mineral stones from the Futamata Radium Hot spring in Hokkaido, Japan to enhance your water and provide the same relaxing effects you would get at the hot spring itself.

When paired with a Kangen Water ionizer, you can truly provide a luxurious experience from your guests in a way that no other vacation or short term rental can. That’s sure to create a listing that stands out and allows you to increase your rates.

Create secondary income streams from your rental property

Earn passive income by partnering with Enagic

Enagic offers a unique affiliate marketing commission structure, offering hundreds to thousands of dollars just for recommending their products.

Considering how many people stay at your property, that’s a steady flow of potential buyers who get to experience the benefits firsthand … in a non-salesy way.

All you need to do is include some basic information on the products in your house binder or guest messages. The information would include a link for guests to purchase a K8 or Anespa — and you get paid the commission.

Plus, if a guest makes a purchase through your link and then recommends the product to someone else, you both get a check from Enagic. Everyone wins when you redistribute the wealth away from corporations and into the pockets of everyday people like you.

My goal is to help you earn passive income while making your property more luxurious.

I can help create any flyers, binder inserts, websites, QR codes, or anything else you need to succeed. Together, we will develop a plan that adds value to your guests without being salesy or alienating them … while simultaneously increasing the cash in your wallet.

Videos About Enagic & Kangen Water

You will love the water just as much as your guests!

The Enagic Story

Enagic, a renowned global company in the health and wellness industry, has a rich history that spans over four decades. The company was founded in 1974 in Okinawa, Japan. Originally named “Okinawa Enagic,” it started as a small business dedicated to producing high-quality water filtration systems.

Mr. Oshiro’s vision was to create a product that could transform tap water into clean, healthy drinking water.

With his expertise in water filtration technology, he developed innovative devices that not only filtered water but also ionized it, resulting in the creation of Kangen Water. This groundbreaking development marked the birth of Enagic’s flagship product.

Today, Enagic is a leader in the water ionization industry, with a presence in over 100 countries. Its products, including Kangen Water machines, have gained widespread acclaim for their ability to provide alkaline, antioxidant-rich water that promotes hydration and overall well-being.

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