What is a Creative Entrepreneur & How do They Make Money Online?

What is a creative entrepreneur and how do they make money online

As a creative entrepreneur, you’re not just an artist or artisan … you are an innovator, a visionary, and a risk-taker. You use your unique skills, talents, and artistic abilities to build a business and make a living doing what you love.

Being a creative entrepreneur is about so much more than simply “monetizing your passion into profit.” It’s about creating a lifestyle that allows you the time and freedom to follow your heart and do what you love … at all times!

In this article, we will dive deep into what is a creative entrepreneur and you can make money online doing what you love. Here’s a preview of what’s to come:

  1. What is a Creative Entrepreneur
  2. Creative Entrepreneur Archetypes
  3. What is the Best Way for Creative Entrepreneurs to Make Money Online?
  4. Selling Your Own Creations vs. Selling Someone Else’s: A Delicate Balance
  5. Ideas for Making Money Online as a Creative Entrepreneur
  6. How to Make Money on Social Media
  7. Do Attraction Marketing Instead of Paying for Ads on Social Media
  8. Websites and Blogging for Creative Entrepreneurs
  9. Greg’s #1 Recommendation for Making Money Online
  10. Embrace the Creativepreneur Within You

Photographers are Creative Entrepreneurs

What is a Creative Entrepreneur?

Living life on your terms is a driving force for creative entrepreneurs. You value independence, freedom, and the ability to express yourself through your work. You are not bound by traditional career paths or societal expectations; instead, you forge your own path and create your own opportunities.

You’re not afraid to take risks and step outside of your comfort zone. You embrace challenges and setbacks as opportunities for growth and learning. You are resilient, resourceful, and constantly seeking new ways to expand your creative horizons.

What sets you apart as a creative entrepreneur is your ability to transform your creative output into a sustainable business.

Being a creative entrepreneur goes beyond simply creating beautiful things. It’s about your unique way of approaching (and balancing) life and work. Any creative person can embrace their artistic instincts and channel them into a variety of mediums like photography, painting, writing, crafting, or web design.

You understand the importance of branding, marketing, and leveraging online platforms to reach a wider audience. You have a keen eye for trends, an innovative approach to your craft, and a willingness to adapt and evolve with the ever-changing digital landscape.

Being a creative entrepreneur is a delicate dance that requires careful thought, strategic planning, and a deep understanding of your target audience.

Selling your own creations is a type of creative entrepreneurship

Creative Entrepreneur Archetypes

The world of creative entrepreneurship is a tapestry woven with the threads of infinite possibilities. Let’s take a peek at some archetypes of creative entrepreneurs, each embracing their unique calling and making their mark on the digital canvas:

The Visionary Visual Artist:

Are you an awe-inspiring photographer, an extraordinary painter, or a visionary web designer? With the power of social media and the Internet at your fingertips, you can showcase your creations, connect with fellow art enthusiasts, and sell your work to a global audience. From digital masterpieces to traditional artwork, your imagination knows no bounds.

The Captivating Content Creator:

If you possess a wealth of knowledge and expertise in a particular field, content creation might be your true calling. Through videos, podcasts, or the written word, you can share valuable insights, entertain, educate, and monetize your content through sponsorships, ads, or subscription models. Your unique voice and perspective can captivate and inspire audiences worldwide.

The Handmade Artisan:

Do you possess nimble hands and a penchant for crafting? Embrace the power of e-commerce platforms and social media marketplaces to transform your handmade creations into a thriving online business. From exquisite jewelry to bespoke home decor, your meticulously crafted products can find loving homes around the globe, supported by your growing tribe of loyal customers.

The Social Media Maverick:

This creative entrepreneur has mastered the art of leveraging social media platforms to showcase their work, connect with a wider audience, and monetize their creativity. They have an innate understanding of digital marketing strategies, creating engaging content that resonates with their followers. You might call this person an “influencer,” assuming that term actually resonates with you and doesn’t make you think of the Kardashians.

What is a creative entrepreneur?

What is the Best Way for Creative Entrepreneurs to Make Money Online?

As someone with decades of experience in web design, marketing, and social media, I recommend a fusion of the two worlds. Start with social media, because it’s free and doesn’t require building anything. Plus, you’re probably already on there.

Then, once you have established your business plan, start building out a website slowly in the backend. That’s exactly what I’m doing with this website (Thriving Creative Life).

As I grow my network marketing business on social media, I am talking with dozens of creative entrepreneurs each day. Through those conversations, I understand what content to write. Then, I create SEO-optimized articles (like this one) that attract my dream client and point them toward what I consider to be the best business model: network marketing on social media. More on that later.

What is the best way for creative entrepreneurs to make money online?

Selling Your Own Creations vs. Selling Someone Else’s: A Delicate Balance

When it comes to monetizing your creativity, you’ll encounter the question of whether to sell your own creations or venture into selling someone else’s. Both paths have their merits and offer unique opportunities. Selling your own creations allows you to retain full artistic control, infusing each piece with your personal touch and vision. It’s an avenue where authenticity and artistic expression shine.

On the other hand, selling someone else’s creations as an affiliate marketer or network marketer opens doors to a diverse range of products and services. You become a curator, recommending and promoting offerings that resonate with your audience. This allows you to expand your revenue streams while establishing collaborative relationships with like-minded individuals and companies.

Plus, with affiliate and network marketing, you usually don’t have to manage inventory, shipping, logistics, or any of the other hassles that come with having a traditional business. It is truly a way to work from anywhere and live the digital nomad lifestyle.

What do you sell as a creative entrepreneur?

Ideas for Making Money Online as a Creative Entrepreneur

As a creative entrepreneur, there is no shortage of ways you can monetize your social media feed. The real question is, what are your long-term goals? Are you just looking to make a few extra bucks? Do you want to grow a full-time business? Is passive income the goal? What do you really want out of life and how can you get there with a social media business? Let’s look at a few possible business models to get those creative juices flowing:

Sell Your Own Creations:

If you have physical products to sell, post photos of your wares several times a week. Make sure people know exactly how they can buy it. Consider leveraging social media’s e-commerce integration features.

Platforms like Instagram Shopping, Facebook Marketplace, or Pinterest Buyable Pins enable you to tag and sell products directly within your posts. This streamlines the purchasing process for your followers, making it easier for them to buy your creations without leaving the platform.

Digital Products:

Leverage your expertise and creativity by creating and selling digital products. These can include e-books, online courses, templates, presets, graphics, or music.

Your social media feed becomes a platform for showcasing snippets of your digital products and driving your audience to your online store or website. Make sure your digital products cater to the needs and interests of your followers and provide value that aligns with your niche.

Freelancing or Services:

Showcase your skills and offer your services directly through your social media feed. Whether you’re a graphic designer, photographer, writer, web designer, or coach, promote your services and let your audience know how they can hire you.

Share samples of your work, client testimonials, and success stories to build credibility. Encourage your followers to reach out to you through direct messages or email to discuss potential collaborations or projects.

Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate marketing is a popular monetization method where you earn a commission for promoting other people’s products or services. You can become an affiliate for brands that complement your niche and share unique tracking links in your social media posts or bio.

When your followers make a purchase through those links, you earn a commission. Be transparent and genuine in your recommendations to build trust and ensure your audience feels confident in the products or services you endorse.

Network Marketing:

Similar to affiliate marketing, you earn commissions when someone buys a product through you. However, network marketing adds in the possibility for passive income.

When you make a sale to someone, they instantly become a distributor. Then, when they make a sale to someone, you get a commission on their sale as well. There are may types of network marketing, so be sure to understand the differences and how to choose the best network marketing opportunity.

How to make money online as a creative entrepreneur

How to Make Money on Social Media

Creative entrepreneurs have a natural advantage with making money on social media. Think about it. What makes YOU stop when you’re mindlessly scrolling Facebook or Instagram? Odds are, it’s something visually stimulating. A beautiful photo. A mesmerizing video. A multimedia mashup.

As a creative entrepreneur, you thrive on self-expression and storytelling. Social media platforms are tailor-made for showcasing your creativity in a visually captivating way. When you share your process and unique perspective through stunning visuals and engaging captions, you inspire, connect, and captivate your audience.

A byproduct of this connection is that your audience comes to know, like, and trust you. That’s the key to making sales and growing a business on social media. People don’t want to buy something from a stranger. They want to feel like they are supporting a friend.

How to make money on social media as a creative entrepreneur

Do Attraction Marketing Instead of Paying for Ads on Social Media

Attraction marketing is a mindset and approach that focuses on drawing people to you, rather than chasing after potential customers or clients.

Platforms like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, Flickr, 500px, and TikTok have billions of active users, offering you the opportunity to connect with people worldwide who share a passion for your niche. Instead of doing this through a paid business page, use your personal feed instead.

By positioning yourself as an authority in your niche and sharing your life’s journey, you naturally attract individuals who resonate with your message and are more likely to become loyal supporters or customers. Here’s a closer look at attraction marketing and how it can benefit creative entrepreneurs:

Build Your Personal Brand:

You already are a personal brand. You’re not Nikon or Amazon or Apple. You are you … and you are amazing! A personal brand draws together all your passions, stories, journeys, challenges, successes, and more.

Share your authentic truth, showcase your portfolio or creations, and consistently deliver valuable content that educates, inspires, or entertains your audience. By consistently positioning yourself as an expert and offering valuable insights, you attract people who are interested in your expertise and want to learn from you.

Create Valuable Content:

Content creation is at the heart of attraction marketing. Share your knowledge, insights, and creative work through various channels such as blog posts, videos, podcasts, social media posts, or newsletters.

Provide valuable information, tips, tutorials, or behind-the-scenes glimpses that showcase your expertise and offer solutions to your audience’s problems or interests. By consistently delivering high-quality content, you establish yourself as a trusted resource and magnetize your audience to engage with and share your content.

Tell Authentic Stories:

People are drawn to authenticity, so use storytelling to connect with your audience on a deeper level. Share your journey, challenges, successes, and personal experiences that have shaped your creative path.

Be transparent about your process, including both the highs and lows. By sharing your authentic self, you create an emotional connection with your audience, fostering trust and loyalty. This connection encourages your audience to not only support your creative endeavors but also share your story with others.

Engage with Your Audience:

Attraction marketing is about building relationships with your audience. Engage with your followers by responding to comments, messages, and inquiries in a timely and genuine manner. Show appreciation for their support and feedback.

Encourage conversation, ask questions, and listen to their needs and desires. By actively participating in conversations and nurturing a community around your brand, you create a sense of belonging and loyalty, making your audience more likely to advocate for your work and refer others to your creative offerings.

Above all else, remember this mantra for your content, conversations, and everything you do on social media …

How can someone’s life be made better by what I share, even if they never become a paying customer.”

What is a creative entrepreneur?

Websites and Blogging for Creative Entrepreneurs

Ah, the allure of a website for a creative entrepreneur! It’s like having a virtual headquarters, a digital oasis where your creative dreams can bloom and flourish. As someone who has been designing websites since 1996, this method of making money online has a dear place in my heart. But why exactly would a creative entrepreneur want to embark on this web-based adventure? Let me shed some light on the enchanting reasons:

Showcase Your Creative Universe:

A website is your digital canvas, where you can paint a vivid picture of who you are as a creative entrepreneur. It’s a platform to showcase your portfolio, display your artistic creations, and unveil the essence of your creative universe.

With a website, you have complete control over how you present yourself and your work to the world. You can curate a captivating visual experience, craft compelling narratives, and captivate visitors with the magic of your creativity.

Establish Your Digital Home Base:

A website serves as your digital home, a central hub where people can find you, learn about your creative endeavors, and engage with your brand. It’s a place where you can cultivate a community of like-minded individuals who appreciate and support your artistic journey.

Through your website, you can communicate your story, values, and mission, forging deep connections with your audience and building a loyal following.

Monetize Your Creative Talents:

Ah, the sweet melody of monetization! A website opens up a myriad of opportunities for creative entrepreneurs to generate income from their talents. You can sell your artwork, products, or services directly from your website, eliminating the need for intermediaries.

With an online shop, you can showcase your creations, receive orders, and facilitate seamless transactions. Additionally, a website allows you to explore various revenue streams, such as affiliate marketing, sponsored content, or digital product sales, amplifying your earning potential.

Own Your Assets:

On social media, your account can be canceled at any time. Do you read the fine print on Facebook’s TOS? With a website, you own everything: content, images, themes, etc. Even if you need to change web hosts, you still have a backup of all your content (you do, right?)

The same thing goes for growing an email list. If your social media account is revoked, you lose all contacts. If you get emails and put leads into a funnel with your website, that is your property.

Strengthen Your Professional Image:

A website lends an air of professionalism and credibility to your creative endeavors. It showcases your dedication to your craft and demonstrates that you take your creative business seriously.

With a well-designed and thoughtfully curated website, you establish yourself as a reputable and trustworthy creative entrepreneur in the eyes of your audience, potential clients, and collaborators.

Websites for creative entrepreneurs

Network Marketing on Social Media is the Best Way to Make Money Online

In my lengthy career, I have tried all the things. Selling prints. Affiliate marketing. Coaching. Creating eCourses. All of those business models require ME to be the one creating both the products/services AND the marketing plan AND doing sales.

Assuming you choose the right network marketing company, they will take care of the inventory, shipping, sales, logistics, and all the other heavy lifting. You just get to do the fun stuff!

Then, since you get paid from direct sales AND from the sales people on your team make, passive income is actually a reality. The same can’t be said for most other business models.

With network marketing on social media, you just focus on creating content that excites you.

It’s a whole new creative avenue for you to explore. As a photographer, it gives me an excuse to go out and make more photos. It also inspires me to dust off my archives and breathe new life into old adventures and stories.

If you’re wondering what network marketing company I recommend – it’s Enagic. Why? Because they make products that actually make your life better. High-quality products in the health and wellness industry that are good for the environment while supporting your heath, hydration, and bank account. Check out the amazing Enagic compensation plan to learn more.

Want to learn more about how network marketing can help you have the time, money, and freedom to focus on your creative passions and live life on your terms? Schedule a free clarity call with me and let’s chat about what’s possible for YOU!

Creative entrepreneur overview

Embrace the Creative Entrepreneur Within You

As we conclude this journey into the heart of creative entrepreneurship, remember that being a creative entrepreneur is not just a career choice; it’s a profound expression of your authentic self.

By embracing the creative entrepreneur mindset, finding the balance between passion and profitability, and exploring diverse monetization strategies, you can turn your artistic dreams into a sustainable reality. Live life on your own terms, unleash your creativity, and let your unique voice resonate across the digital landscape. The world eagerly awaits your artistic brilliance!

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What is a Thriving Creative Life?

A thriving creative life means having the time, money, and freedom to do what you love.

No office or 9-5 is required. Instead, your days are full of joy, excitement, focus, flow, fun, determination, and passion.

It’s time to start living life on your terms. Traveling the world and focusing on your creative passion. Doing what you want … where you want … when you want.

You deserve it all! Now, let’s make this dream a reality: together.

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