6 Keys to Selling More Photos on Social Media

Here’s a staggering stat …

1.8 billion photos are posted to social media every day.

Let’s roughly assume that 95% of those are selfies, family photos, or food pix. That leaves us with 90 million fine art photos uploaded daily.

With so many people posting amazing photos, the question becomes one of HOW?

How do you stand out in a busy online crowd and inspire people to buy YOUR beautiful photos?

That’s what I cover in this video training.


6 Ways to Sell More Photos on Social Media

Do you currently sell prints of your photos? Or, is that something you would like to do?

Either way, the big question is … “how do you get more people to buy your prints on social media or from a website?”

If you haven’t watched the video yet, here are the 6 key points.



1. Regularly share high-quality photos on social media

On average, 10% of your friends and followers will see your posts. If you have a business page, the number is even lower. That’s why it’s important to post often on social media. The goal is quantity AND quality.


2. Include behind-the-scenes photos

People buy photos from artists they know, like, and trust. In addition to your epic images, show your audience your process. Use selfies, videos, photos of your camera making a photo, and all the other little details that make up the big picture.


3. Choose a niche and plan your feed accordingly

The easiest way to grow a following of print buyers is to be consistent with the subjects and styles of your photography. For example, people are more likely to follow a landscape photographer than someone who posts mountains on Monday, tacos on Tuesday, weddings on Wednesday, towering buildings on Thursday, etc.


4. Share the stories behind your photos

Once your image gets someone’s attention, make a personal connection with whimsical wordplay and sensory storytelling. Talk about feelings. Share a transformation. Provide context. Bring them along on your life’s journey. THAT’S how you go from taking photos to making memories.


5. Give people an easy way to buy prints

If you’re selling prints, you need an e-commerce website. That way, people can browse and buy at their leisure. Otherwise, you have to have a conversation with someone and arrange payment over email or messenger.


6. Make it clear on social media that you sell prints

Regularly reinforce your “buy this print” CTA (call to action). Include a link to your online shop in your social media bios. While you do’t have to include a link on every post, you can include it in the comments.


OK – enough advice for one day.

Go check out that video and let me know your thoughts.

With Gratitude,
Greg Goodman

P.S. — If you have a photo website, I would love to check it out. Click reply and send me the URL.

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