You Can Create Time

⏳You Can Create Time. ⌛️

I’m not talking about some abstract metaphysical concept here …

Although, time certainly is just an agreed-upon construct.

A human creation – concocted to give us some semblance of order and control while allowing our limited minds to grasp the unimaginable.

Philosophy aside, it is absolutely possible to create all the time you need.

Think about all the things you magically make time for when you are excited about them.

  • TV shows
  • Books
  • Trips
  • Food
  • Games

There is always plenty of time.

Yet, so many of us believe the exact opposite.

“There’s never enough time!”

Those 4 words hold you back in every way.

They are just an excuse.

A way to stay in your comfort zone … even if it’s not that comfortable.

Here’s the truth …

If you are really motivated or excited to do something, you can (and will) make it happen.

You get to CHOOSE how you use every minute of your day.

If you are excited about a new book, grab the audio version and listen to it while you cook or drive.

If you want to go to the gym or go for a hike, spend less time on your phone in the bathroom.

If you want to start a new online business, don’t let Netflix auto-play the next episode.

Use your time efficiently.

Take responsibility for your schedule.

Treat every moment as if it were precious gold.

Make the most of your life … and say YES! when opportunity knocks at your door.


How do you create time in YOUR life?

Greg Goodman

Greg Goodman

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A Thriving Creative Life can not be constrained by a 9-5.

Being creative isn’t just something you do. It’s how you live your life … and how you see the world.

The need to create guides you to a place of peace, joy, excitement, focus, determination, and bliss. When you enter that meditative space, time has no meaning and inspiration flows like a raging river.

Your heart burns with a desire to share your passion with the world. Meanwhile, you dream of new ways to have enough time to do what you love.

That’s where an online business comes in.

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